24 Sep Fresh Fruit Crumble Bars

Summer! How I miss you. If you're like me, you think of summer as a relaxing, low-key time; you imagine lazy days, long evenings, letting the schedule slide. But then there's: reality. The kids lay waste to the house, starting endless glue or paint related "craft" projects, then squabbling, then wanting to play Minecraft instead, until HOORAY, the camps begin. But wait - now it's making sure everyone has swimsuits and goggles and sunscreen, who's getting picked up when? Who...

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14 Sep Veggie Semolina Dumplings

My kids love dumplings. Every time I make soup it is expected that I will make dumplings. For me it is a random thing, experimenting with different proportions, different flours, an add this, add that kind of thing. They always turn out different, but they are always a success. I think my personal favorite is when they are made with semolina flour and when I incorporate cooked vegetables. What kind of vegetables? It depends on what kind of soup I am...

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09 Sep 5 ways to improve grilled corn

One day Katy suggested we make grilled corn as an end of summer treat. For me as a Central European used to actual cold winters, the concept of "end of summer" in California is slightly weird. But so be it; it's a great reason to celebrate and everybody likes corn. We're always trying to teach our kids about food: not only to eat it but also to make it, and to think about what they like and to try new things....

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05 Sep We Ate It This Week – Menu Planning

It was the last week of summer in our house, more or less: school started on Thursday, so we crammed in three days of fun and intensive idleness before returning to our schedules and routines. It was properly warm, too.  Around here, it's not as though the seasons change on cue, we're likely to have another couple of months of shorts-and-sandals weather. Just as well; for whatever reason this year, I was not quite ready to say goodbye to summer....

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02 Sep Secret Center Pumpkin Muffins

Our daughter was probably the last kindergarten girl alive to see Frozen. She was belting out the songs with the rest of her classmates for months before we finally got around to seeing the actual movie, when it had been showing at the second-string multiplex for ages. It was no surprise she knew all the characters and major plot points going in; hopefully these were no surprises to the other people in the theater with us, either, because my darling...

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