25 Aug We Ate It This Week – Menu Planning

We skipped a week last week, sadly not because we were living it up in the last days of summer vacation, but because we all got the stomach flu, one after another. Our poor boy barfed on his birthday, not exactly the best way to celebrate turning NINE! We made up for it this week, he chose to cook his own birthday dinner this year. With our stomachs still on the mend, we weren't quite up to photographing things, but here's...

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21 Aug Plum Chicken with Pistachios

Today it was my turn to make dinner. Originally I planned to make Jamie Oliver's incredible "tray bake", but I had some ripe plums peeking at me so I decided to try something different. A friend of mine makes this amazing Moroccan chicken, and that inspired me to use these plums as a base for this recipe. It turned out pretty well, even the kids liked it. Feel free to play with the recipe and let us know what you...

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11 Aug We Ate It This Week – Menu planning

Most days I get home around 5:30 in the afternoon, which gives me about an hour to get dinner on the table. Of course Valerian does a lot of the cooking, and he works at home so he can get things started earlier. Even so, we have a pretty good rotation of dinners that come together really fast, and part of my planning process for the week is to look at our schedules to balance when we have one of...

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05 Aug Tangy ice cream with a chocolate wafer ripple

When I was a kid approximately one million years ago, my parents gave me Donvier ice cream maker. When we moved back to California four years ago, my mom revealed that she had been hanging on to it all this time, and gave it back to us; I promptly put it in the bottom of the freezer and forgot about it. You've probably seen this type of ice cream maker, which has a bowl that you freeze for 24 hours and...

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