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11 Feb Little Bites

Gung Hay Fat Choy! We make a point of eating dinner as a family most nights. It's the way I grew up, and it's still the time of day when getting everyone together works. We all seem to get up at different times and no one has the same idea of what constitutes a delicious breakfast, everyone is scattered to the four winds at lunchtime, so that leaves dinner as our family meal. I hope when the kids get older we...

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citrus 650

28 Jan Making up for lost time?

Hey, long time no see! What have you been up to? This space has been empty for an awfully long time, and we're sorry about that. I'd like to say we'll be reformed bloggers this year, but you know how it goes. We do have a few recipes to share, so don't abandon this space! Despite the lack of evidence here, we have been cooking steadily, if unimaginatively. And so, we give you...

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Roasted kale and cauliflower gnocchi

16 Apr Roasted kale & cauliflower with gnocchi

This is one of those odd combinations that just works. It sounds like a recipe I threw together based on whatever's in the fridge, and in fact you really could try using different elements here if that's what you have. Cauliflower always seemed like such a dull vegetable, it's colorless for heaven's sake! But roasted, it's transformed - when it's just a bit burned along the edges, that's when it's best. And kale, well, everyone and his dog knows how...

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07 Dec Buchty na páře/parené buchty

Have you ever eaten a Chinese steamed pork bun? Imagine a sweet version, and you pretty much have buchty na páře (in Czech) or parené buchty (in Slovak). Instead of spicy meat, the fillings here are usually jam, sweetened poppy seeds, sweetened cheese (tvaroh), or chocolate. Buchty na páře just means steamed buchty, and buchty are, well, what they are – a kind of soft bread roll. (It’s pronounced something like book-tee, say the ch softly like in Loch Ness.)...

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08 Nov Poulet au paprika à la hongroise (chicken paprikas)

Print recipe Chicken Paprikas This is one of the classics of Hungarian home cooking. Everybody has a unique version, so use the recipe as a path to your preferred flavors. The famous Hungarian chef Karoly Gundel recommend mixing the sour cream with cream (1/2 sour cream, 1/2 cream). This way you achieve extremely creamy chicken paprikas but you lose some of the tanginess. Ingredients For 4 portions 2 tbs oil 2 medium onions 2 tbs red paprika 2-3 lbs/1-1.5 kg chicken pieces, bone-in 2 hungarian yellow peppers 1 tomato 3/4 cup/2...

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