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14 Sep Veggie Semolina Dumplings

My kids love dumplings. Every time I make soup it is expected that I will make dumplings. For me it is a random thing, experimenting with different proportions, different flours, an add this, add that kind of thing. They always turn out different, but they are always a success. I think my personal favorite is when they are made with semolina flour and when I incorporate cooked vegetables. What kind of vegetables? It depends on what kind of soup I am...

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eggplant sauce

04 Oct Mysteriously delicious pasta sauce

So, a few months ago it was pancakes. Apparently now it's eggplant sauce/spreads. But this recipe is actually one of my go-to dinners, even when eggplant and tomatoes aren't busting out all over the farmers' markets. When something is good, it's good!
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03 Dec Grenadir mars – Potato pasta

You will find this in hardly any cookbook, despite the fact that grenadir mars is a very common dish in Central Europe.  It is made very often and served with pickles or green salad. It is very easy and fast to make and it is very customizable to suit your palate - feel free to experiment with this recipe by adding more or less of any of the ingredients. It is hard to know where this meal originated. The name ("March...

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12 Nov Kaposzt√°s kocka/Cabbage with pasta

Cabage and pasta squares This is one way Hungarians use cabbage with sugar. The other famous dish is cabbage strudel. Despite the fact that you use sugar in the meal, it is a main course. The combination of cabbage, sweetening, pasta and black pepper might seem weird, but it works together pretty well. Thumbs up for the imagination of the inventor of this dish.
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