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Fresh corn salad and chicken

08 Jun Light and lively fresh corn salad with grilled chicken

Fresh corn salad and chicken So, I have become kind of obsessed with this corn "relish" recipe from the most recent Everyday Food. It's about as simple as it gets, there's no cooking involved. None! As we were chowing down tonight, Valerian asked "why do we even cook corn?" because it is so so tasty hacked right off the cob. And I'm not talking about any pampered organic superstar corn from the farmers market; I think it's way too early for that anyway, especially since California apparently took a holiday in Oregon this spring and we've had weeks of unseasonal rain. No, this corn came from the grocery store, 33 cents an ear, and delicious as all get-out.
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04 Aug Hungarian Chicken lecso

Hungarian style Chicken This recipe was born when we invited my in-laws for a Hungarian picnic. Traditionally, the protein part of the meal would be cold cuts: thinly sliced Hungarian paprika sausage or the famous Pick/Hertz winter salami.  You can't get those here, though,  and substituting sugar-soaked ham was not an option for me. The other popular Hungarian custom for picnics is to take their big kettle and cook goulash, fish soup, bean stew or paprikash. I would be all for this, but I do not think it will make the California firefighters happy.  The grass is so dry that you can light it up just by looking at it. I also had doubts that the picnic grounds would be happy to see some crazy Hungarian making a huge pot of goulash while burning their turf, and I definitely didn't want to risk expulsion from the Marin Cheese Factory. Where would I get my healthy dose of Camembert?  So under pressure, I threw together this recipe, with a very Hungarian result. It's maybe best served warm, but kept cool in the picnic basket, it makes a great sandwich filling.
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czech roasted duck with caraway seeds

10 Jun Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage and Czech Dumplings.

I had a great day in Sonoma tasting some wine. I specifically went to try out the Cline cellars, since I was very excited about trying their wine; I had it for the first time on the way to California on the BA flight. I love the idea of grapes grown on 100 year-old vines. The yield is low but very mature and sophisticated. I am a big fan of Cline and their Ancient Wines line. With a little luck...

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