We’re a cross-cultural family of four, living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Valerian is from Slovakia (but his father is Hungarian and his mother is Czech, so he’s internally cross-cultural); Katy is a local, and nearly vegetarian. In case you’re wondering, we met while we were working in the Balkans almost 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve lived in four different European countries.

Fun fact: no one in our family was born in the same country! Our kids, now a first-grader and a fourth-grader, sometimes help cook and are even starting to suggest recipes, so look out world!

Katy is a grant writer for a small non-profit. She takes up and abandons hobbies regularly; right now, she has a couple of knitting projects going with re-purposed yarn from some unsuccessful crochet, and just starting biking to work occasionally.

Valerian is true coffee nerd. He is involved in multiple coffee projects among others a very trendy micro roaster in Slovakia called Green Plantation and a real farm to cup coffee brand Unleashed Coffee

We started this blog because as a family, we like to cook and we like to eat, but most of all we love to share the many different kitchen traditions that intersect in our family. We hope you’ll enjoy this blog and the recipes! Let us know what you think.