Side dishes

I sure am sorry I didn’t think to post this recipe for International Talk Like a Pirate Day – I just missed it, on September 19. Ajvar is pronounced aye-var, and it’s awfully fun to say it with a little nautical sneer and swagger. Arrrr!


What’s not to love about pancakes? They’re almost infinitely variable — you can use different flours, incorporate fruit or nuts or even bacon, make them thin as a crepe or fluffy… I’m making myself hungry here.

I’m an unapologetic pancake fan, and it’s a good thing because I get requests to make pancakes at least a few times a week. While it’s a bit tricky to make a perfect pancake, what with getting the batter to the right consistency and maintaining the pan at the right heat, it’s a breeze to make darn good pancakes, even with the “assistance” of small children. (more…)